Personal Watercraft (PWC) Accidents

Over the last decade, sales of personal watercraft have boomed. Commonly referred to as Jet Skis, WaveRunners, or Sea-Doos, these watercraft are manufactured by Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Bombardier, respectively. Accidents involving personal watercraft continue to rise, even as conventional recreational accidents have declined. The personal watercraft manufacturers have made only minimal engineering and design changes despite the growing incidence of accidents involving their products.

Personal watercraft have multiple design defects that manufacturers have refused to address despite the increasing incidence of PWC-related injuries. For example, when the operator of a personal watercraft attempts to slow down or stop, he or she actually loses the ability to fully control the direction of the watercraft.

PWC Product Liability Attorney

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Contact our firm if you or a loved one has been involved in a serious personal watercraft accident. We will investigate the facts surrounding the accident, put together a team of preeminent experts, and do whatever it takes to accomplish maximum financial compensation for your injuries.

Compensation for Personal Watercraft Accident Victims

The Mazzola Law Firm has successfully prosecuted claims involving personal watercraft on behalf of clients all across the United States. We work with only the best experts in order to obtain the best financial result for our clients.  Expert engineers will assist in determining manufacturer liability and accident causation, while expert physicians and economists will assist in making sure we obtain maximum compensation for all damages you have suffered, including past and future medical expenses, loss of past and future earning capacity, past and future physical impairment, past and future mental anguish, past and future pain and suffering and past and future disfigurement. Let us aggressively seek full and fair compensation for you.

Personal Watercraft Orifice Injuries

One particularly serious personal watercraft injury occurs when a rider falls off the back of the watercraft and into the path of the watercraft’s high-pressure water jet. The jet thrust is powerful enough to force water into the rider’s orifices, which can result in severe mutilating injuries to the rider’s vagina, rectum or anus, or possibly death.

The Mazzola Law Firm, PLLC’s experience in handling PWC Internal Orifice Injuries is unmatched. Let us be your advocate and we will fight to get you the medical treatment and financial compensation you need to rebuild your life.

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